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Squad/Solo Locations[edit | edit source]

Squad instances are 1-3 player missions.

Satria[edit | edit source]

Panthean Plateau[edit | edit source]

Linos[edit | edit source]

Artemian Mountains[edit | edit source]

Glyceria[edit | edit source]

Tisiphone[edit | edit source]

Bellonia[edit | edit source]

Philomenas[edit | edit source]

Group Locations[edit | edit source]

Group instances are 1-5 player missions. More difficult than Squad instances.

Party Locations[edit | edit source]

Party instances are 1-10 player missions. Significantly more difficult than both Squad and Group instances.

Region/Open World[edit | edit source]

Region instances are open world maps where you can see other immortals who all have chains of quests to complete. At the end of completing all the quests, you will obtain a reward for liberating that Region from the locals(NPCs).

Unscaled/Regular[edit | edit source]

Scaled[edit | edit source]