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The universe of Skyforge consists of thousands of various worlds. They are all unique, but all have one thing in common: the inhabitants worship their patron gods, and the power of these gods depends directly on the faith of their worshipers.

Aelion is one of Skyforge's most beautiful and amazing planets and is named after the god and guardian, Aeli. The world was safe under his reign, until the deity disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Without a mighty defender, Aelion and the unprotected inhabitants are helpless to invaders. Countless armies of hideous creatures have tried to claim Aelion.

Many brave warriors have fallen in battle defending their world. But death has no hold over the special few, immortal heroes who return time after time to stand for their planet. Aelion's heroes are worshiped for their sacrifices, and this faith endows them with god-like powers.[1]

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