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In Skyforge every class have their own Main and Additional Weapon. Each with varying abilities and bonuses depending on the Rarity and Proficiency.

  • Common Weapon - no skill bonus
  • Uncommon Weapon
  • Rare Weapon
  • Epic Weapon
  • Legendary Weapon

Main Weapons[edit | edit source]

All Main Weapons have the standard attribute Might which is an indicator for the possible amount of damage. Depending on the quality of the found weapons they can be rolled with a second stat that usually increase the damage of a particular skill.

Cryomancer[edit | edit source]


The Cryomancer uses a Crystal as weapon.

  • Frosty Crystal - Cryobeam and both charge levels of Icy Missile inflict 40/60/80/80 % more critical damage.
  • Rejuvenating Crystal - Northern Breeze restores an additional 60/100/150/150 points of Cryogen and reduces the cooldown of Heart of Ice by 30/60/90/90 seconds, and Whiteout and Snowstorm by 6/12/18/18 seconds.
  • Lustering Crystal - The Cryomancer has a 33/67/100/100 % chance to gain 5 additional points of Cryogen every second.
  • Cryotrap explosion inflicts 132/264/396/396 % more damage.

Paladin[edit | edit source]


The Paladin uses, as his nature is, an one handed Sword for battle.

  • After Onslaught I or Onslaught II the next Punishing Bolt deals 20/40/60/60 % more damage for 5 seconds.
  • Paladin inflicts 8/16/32/32 % more damage on the Holy Ground.
  • Seal of Light, Punishing Bolt, and Divine Scourge have an 8/16/24/24 %, 12/24/36/36 %, 16/32/48/48 % chance to apply an effect to the paladin that will increase the damage of the next Seal of Light by 150%.

Lightbinder[edit | edit source]


The Lightbinder is using a Rod to transmit the power of light through himself against his enemies or to protect allies.

  • Starstorm inflicts 10/20/30/30 % more damage. Pulsating Flare has a 8/11/15/15 % (instead of 5%) chance to recharge it.
  • Sparks of Anger inflict 33/67/100/100 % more impulse damage.
  • Blessing of the Sun lasts 2/4/6/6 seconds longer.
  • Merciful Blow cooldown is reduce by 2/4/6/6 seconds and has a 33/67/100/100 % chance to generate 2 charges of increased damage.

Kinetic[edit | edit source]

The Kinetic needs the Reactor Core to be able to remove the physical laws around him.

Archer[edit | edit source]


Well what a surprise that the Archer uses a Bow as main weapon.

  • First Aimed Shot in a fight inflicts 22/44/66/66 % more damage.
  • Single Shot applies Accurate Shot to the target that can be stacked up to 3 times.The effect increases the damage dealt to the target by the Archer by 2/4/6/6 % for 10 seconds.

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

The right hand of the death, the Necromancer, is using the Scythe to show his enemies what awaits them.

Slayer[edit | edit source]

Twin Sword

The Slayer is an agile fighter, and so is his Twin Sword

  • Blood Harvest inflicts 60/120/180/180 % more damage.
  • Swinging Chains inflicts 23/46/69/69 % more damage and increase damage from Backstab by 55/60/65/65 %.
  • Backflip inflicts 65/130/195/195 % more damage to enemies with less than 50% health.

Knight[edit | edit source]


For the noble Knight no weapon fits more than their Spear.

Berserker[edit | edit source]

Chain Sword

What kinda weapon could a Berserker use better that a mighty two handed Chain Sword.

Warlock/Witch[edit | edit source]


As each Sorcerer of which holds on its own, the Warlock/Witch is using a Broom to cast his destruction.

Monk[edit | edit source]

Battle Staff

The inner balance of this fighter, allows the Monk to crush his enemies with a Battle Staff.

Alchemist[edit | edit source]


For the Alchemist, the Manipulators the tool to inflict damage to his enemies or super powers to him and his allies.

  • You can use Stimulant Injection on yourself, but it's duration and effectiveness will be reduced by 60%.
  • The cooldown of Transformation is reduced by 10 seconds, and its duration is increased by 2.5 seconds.
  • Killing a pack enemy will give you 25 catalysts; an ordinary enemy - 3 times as many; an elite enemy - 10 times as many; killing a boss - 20 times as many.

Gunner[edit | edit source]

Well what a surprise: The Gunner needs a Hand Cannon to do all the Gunner stuff.

  • Killing an enemy will increase the damage from the next Fire Blast or Plasma Beam by 75/150/225/225 %.
  • Mine Ring inflicts 40/80/160/160 % more damage. Doubles the maximum base damage of Missile Salvo for 3/6/9/9 seconds if used against the same target.
  • Plasma Stream inflicts 14/23/30/30 % more damage.

Additional Hand[edit | edit source]