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Ardos Monastery Urbus.jpg
TitleEgss Warden
LocationArdos Monastery

Urbus is the final boss encountered in Ardos Monastery

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Basic Attack[edit | edit source]

Bites and inflicts damage. Melee ability. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

Impact[edit | edit source]

Large eggs start falling from the ceiling, cracking against the ground and leaving pools with a radius of 3 yards that spread and inflict increased damage. Ranged ability. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Offspring[edit | edit source]

Large eggs fall from the ceiling, and Khelps come out of them when they crack. Ranged ability. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Spring[edit | edit source]

Urbus coils into a spring and throws his body forward, inflicting damage in a 15 yard radius in front of him. Melee ability. Cooldown: 10 seconds.