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Tol-Monter is the current Great God of the Oceanide. After several attempted invasions of Aelion were thwarted by the Elder God Aeli, many Oceanides became stranded on Aelion, taking refuge in its peaceful oceans. Some of these beings have taken an interest in the aquatically inclined god Protheus, who has garnered a suspicious amount of influence among them, however he has no real claim as their true leader. That title belongs to Tol-Monter, crowned leader of the Oceanides and the Great God of the Oceanide. Tol-Montor’s quest for power started with him challenging his father Tol-Gon’s right to rule. It was there in ritualistic combat that Tol-Monter defeated and then consumed his father, paving the way for complete control over the Oceanides. Following this coup and subsequent change in command, civil war broke out amongst the Oceanides which ended with Tol-Montor’s absolute rule over Olghul. Under his reign, the Oceanide civilization moved forward in the ways of science, culture, and magic which set in motion the expansion of their dominion throughout the universe.