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They Turn

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Help Out Marcus In Darnic Village. Requires 138,000 Prestige.

Return to the Capital.

Walk Across The Village

Talk to Marcus.

Eliminate the Harbinger of Doom, Vaal together with Marcus.

Talk to Marcus.

Eliminate the Vird Pack Leader, Chichir together with Marcus.

Reward: 3 Medium Set of Sparks of Replication.

Dialogue 1

Marus: "Thank you for coming here. Nice weather, huh? Or however you normally start a conversation..."

Player: "Don't worry, you can tell me anything.

Marcus: "Thank you... No, really thank you, I'm... so grateful! It's just that I don't know how to start."

Player: "Just get to the point, I have things to do."

Marcus: "Yes, of course, sorry... Gods, do you even have a heart? Let me do it."

Player: "Oh, take your time, I have the next half a day free."

Marcus: "That's great, you're joking. No, really, I... I wish I could, because... in actuality, it's truly very funny."

Player: "Just tell me what's up."

Marcus: "Okay. Well... I mean... Oh, it's so hard... This is... where... This is where I died for the first time! Phew... I finally said it. What a load off. I became an immortal in Darnic. I was killed here. Stopped breathing, died, ceased to exist, kicked the bucket, popped off the hooks, bit the big one, croaked, fell off my perch, cashed in my chips, dropped like a fly... Oh, sorry, I'm getting carried away."

Player: "It's okay, I understand. It must have been tough for you."

Marcus: "That's putting it mildly. I really do wish I could tell you everything, it's just too difficult for me to talk about."

Player: "Pull yourself together, you wimp!"

Marcus: "Hey, I'm trying here!"

Player: "No, no. go on: turned your toes up, kicked over..."

Marcus: "Seriously! Wore a wooden coat! Thank you, I feel better now. I used to live right here, in Darnic. Then the village got attacked and... And then I died. I thought I would overcome my fear of death here, where it all started... But here I am, and the fear is still with me. I don't know what else to say... Listen, since we're here, let's just clear the village of the Virds. I can't stand seeing them in Darnic! And who knows when I'll get another chance to fight by your side? I can't miss an oppurtunity like that!"

Player: "Finish"

Dialogue 2

Marcus: "I get it now. That was great, it's too bad we didn't think to do that before today. You have the power to inspire anyone! You will just rush into battle and there's no stopping you! I'm familiar with your story, and it's... not much better than mine. However, you sir, are fearless."

Player: "Sometimes I get afraid, too."

Marcus: "Really? Well, you could have fooled me. But I really needed to hear that. 'Cause it means that I'm not hopeless!"

Player: "I'm not a coward, unlike you."

Marcus: "Hey, I'm not a coward either! Although... Maybe there is some truth in that."

Player: "It's good that we rid you of this phobia."

Marcus: "I feel so happy! I want to jump around and whoop-"n-holler like a madman! But I won't, please don't look at me like that. Today I finally stop feeling so useless. I can finally avenge all the people who had died here, myself included! You know, I think I'm no longer afraid of dying."

Player: "You're brave until you run into a Khelp."

Marcus: "It's true! In fact, I'll prove it to everyone!"

Player: "How about I kill you a couple times to make sure?"

Marcus: "Hey, hey, easy! Keep your hands to yourself! Hey! Come on! Let's finish this!"

Player: "Finish"