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Sparks are one of the core sets of Currencies in Skyforge. They are used to unlock Nodes in The Ascension Atlas and to reset a character's Symbols or Classes' Talents and Abilities. All Sparks have varying weekly limits which are used to limit progression. Spark of Insight.png

Sparks of Insight

Sparks of Insight are the main Sparks that will be earned in Skyforge. They are used to progress a player's character in all 3 levels of The Ascension Atlas. Sparks of Insight can be obtained by completing Adventures and Quests in Regions or by opening a Reliquary.

Sparks of Insight plain.png

Sparks of Destruction

Sparks of Destruction are used to unlock Destruction Nodes in The Ascension Atlas.

Spark of Destruction plain.png Spark of Destruction.png

Sparks of Creation

Sparks of Creation are used to unlock Creation Nodes in The Ascension Atlas.

Spark of Creation plain.png Spark of Creation.png

Sparks of Balance

Sparks of Balance are used to unlock Balance Nodes in The Ascension Atlas.

Spark of Balance plain.png Spark of Balance.png

Class Sparks

Class Sparks are used to unlock Evolution Nodes in the Class Atlas. They can be earned via killing enemies while playing with a class that has unlocked the Path Node. Every class in Skyforge has their own individual Class Spark.

Sparks of Cold
Sparks of Justice
Sparks of Mercy
Sparks of Gravity
Sparks of Darkness
Sparks of Stealth
Sparks of Accuracy
Cryomancer Icon 64x64.png Paladin Icon 64x64.png Lightbinder Icon 64x64.png Kinetic Icon 64x64.png Necromancer Icon 64x64.png Slayer Icon 64x64.png Archer Icon 64x64.png
Sparks of Synthesis
Sparks of Harmony
Sparks of Valor
Sparks of Taint
Sparks of Progress
Sparks of Frenzy
Alchemist Icon 64x64.png Monk Icon 64x64.png Knight Icon 64x64.png Warlock Icon 64x64.png Gunner Icon 64x64.png Berserker Icon 64x64.png

Sparks of Evolution

Sparks of Evolution are used to unlock any node in the Class Atlas. They can be earned from Bags in PvP, by charging an Ether Resonator in an Anomaly, or in place of Class Sparks once all Nodes are bought in the the active Class Atlas if Premium is active. Sparks of Evolution may also be earned when a player plays a class they do not own via a Promo Adventure.

Spark of Evolution.png

Sparks of Transformation

Sparks of Transformation are used to unlock Transformation Nodes in the Character Atlas. They are also used to reset a character's Symbols or a Classes' Talents and Abilities. The ways to earn Sparks of Transformation are by completing Adventures, Quests in Regions, in place of Ether Crystals once unlocking all 4 Amulet slots, in place of other Rewards after hitting the limit, or by buying them in the Market.

Spark of Transformation.png

Sparks of Revelation

Sparks of Revelation are used to unlock Revelation Nodes in the Character Atlas. They can be earned via completing weekly Quests in Anomalies. The weekly limit for Sparks of Revelation is 600.

Spark of Revelation.png

Sparks of Replication

Sparks of Replication are used to increase the amount of Sparks gained when a player acquires Sparks. They are used in a 1 to 1 ratio for gaining extra Sparks and may only go up by an extra 50% of the received Sparks. They can be earned by completing Quests in Regions and by opening a Replicator Set.

Spark of Replication.png Example
1. Received 300 Sparks of Destruction
2. 150 Sparks of Replication used
3. Sparks of Destruction total is 450