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RoleMelee Damage
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Appearing out of thin air and disappear just as quickly, Slayers slip by undetected while leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Their primary weapons are a pair of razor-sharp swords, but they possess other cards up their sleeves that can assist them in killing opponents or retreating if a fight gets too intense.
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Talents[edit | edit source]

Cutthroat Fervor
Full basic combo attack increases the damage of Backflip by 300% instead of 40%.
Cold-Blooded Killer
Each Backstab reduces the cooldown of Shadow Cloaking by 1 second.
Jagged Blades
If an enemy dies from Blade Vortex or Killing, the critical hit chance is increased by 2%. The effect stacks up to 6 times.
Deadly Accuracy
Each successful Dance of Blades increases the critical hit chance of Steel Star by 25% and its critical damage by 40%. Bonus stacks up to 4 times.
Thirst for Vengeance
If the Slayer takes damage from an enemy at a distance of more than 7 yards, they have a certain chance to use Grapevine without spending dexterity.
Chain Reaction
First mine explosion makes the enemy more vulnerable to next explosions, increasing damage by 52%.
Surprise Effect
First strikes out of Shadow Cloaking inflict 80% damage for 6 seconds. If the enemy dies from these attacks, the bonus lasts longer.
Major Hatred
Damage inflicted to strong enemies speeds up the Flurry of Blows recovery.
Choking Smoke
Enemies affected by Smoke Grenade are disoriented for 3 seconds.
Blooded Marks
Restores 2 points of dexterity for each strike at the enemy affected by Flight of the Shadow.
Shadow Blessing
Increases the activation speed of Aegis of Night by 40%.
Pain Spot Expert
Each Shuriken Attack and Blade Vortex increase their damage by 5 and 10% respectively. The effect stacks up to 3 times. Steel Star immobilizes the enemy for 3 seconds. The same target can be immobilized once every 15 seconds.
Enemy characters affected by Swinging Chains have 21% more chance to take critical damage.
Chain Murders
If an enemy dies while under the effect of Blood Harvest, it restores 60% of Slayer's dexterity in the next 5 seconds.
Biting Whips
Third successful Twilight Scourge inflicts critical damage.
Tight Shackles
Enemies bound by Twilight Shackles lose 5% of their max. health every second. Lasts 10 seconds and can be stacked up to 7 times. Does not work against bosses.
Fresh Scars
Enemy characters affected by Carnage take 15% more damage for the next 10 seconds.
Veiled Transition
After trading places with the Shadow, Slayer takes 45% less damage for 3 seconds.
Thorny Shadow
Enemies that attack Bait in close combat receive 60% of the damage inflicted to it.
Shadowland knocks the enemy back 25 yards and reduces their movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Shadow Cloaking
Makes the Slayer invisible. Protects from all incoming damage and makes them immune to control effects. It also increases the movement speed and unlocks unique abilities for 9 seconds. Enemies hit in the Shadow Cloaking state will attack the Slayer once the effect ends.
Complete Cloaking
Makes the Slayer invisible. Protects from all incoming damage and unlocks unique abilities for the next 6.5 seconds. Increases the movement speed. If Slayer's health drops to zero, they shift into the Shadow Cloaking state for 6 seconds which removes all negative effects. The effect can be used only once every minute. Enemies hit in the Shadow Cloaking state will attack the Slayer once the effect ends.
Swinging Chains
Deals several strikes in a coneshaped area in front of the Slayer, inflicting 2.97x base damage in total. The longer you hold down the button, the more strikes will be dealt. Makes the enemies 50% more vulnerable to Backstab. the effect stacks up to 3 times.
Blood Harvest
Inflicts 3.35x base damage to the enemy for 10 seconds. If the target has less than 50% health after that, the effect renews for another 10 seconds until the enemy is killed, restores their health or Blood Harvest renews 2 times.
Flight of the Shadow
Slayer quickly moves 20 yards, inflicting 0.22x base damage to nearby enemies every 0.3 seconds. Pressing the key again will stop the movement. Each subsequent Flight of the Shadow will inflict 20% more damage for 10 seconds. Move your camera to adjust the direction of movement.
A shadow appears next to the enemy and attacks it, inflicting 1.10x base damage. Slayer can trade places with the sahdow. The ability can be used both to move quickly to the enemy and to get away (if the shadow is summoned far from the Slayer).
A shadow appears next to the selected target. It takes 65% of damage intended for the Slayer and makes all enemies attack it.
Twilight Shackles
Reduces movement speed of the target and 7 enemies around it. If one of the targets moves more than 10 yards away from the spot, the effect is removed, and the target takes 4.70x base damage instead. Available in the Shadow Cloaking mode.
Aegis of Night
Hold down the key to accumulate the energy of darkness which can be used to activate Aegis of Night. Aegis of Night mmakes the Slayer immune to all damage, and Dash does not consume charges and removes all negative effects.
Smoke Grenade
Throws a Smoke Grenade at the target. Dexterity regenerates faster in the area of effect, and the Slayer becomes immune to attacks from more than 5 yards.
Slayer throws the enemy into the shadow realm for 6 seconds. In this state the enemy does not see anyone (and allies do not see the exile), while the Slayer can see the actions of the enemy. You can use the attack against the same enemy no more than once every 46 seconds.
Sneak Attack
Backstab inflicts more damage. The effect is activated when combat ends and when using Shadow Cloaking / Complete Cloaking.
Killing Proficiency: Backstab
Successful Backstab will make the next Blood Harvest, Swinging Chains and Backflip free, and they will inflict 100% and 30% more damage respectively.

Please note, since this game is still in development, these icons and effects might change at release!

Video[edit | edit source]

There is currently no official gameplay trailer for the Slayer.

Gallery[edit | edit source]