Scissor Sentry Cerberus

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Scissor Sentry Cerberus
Factory 501 Scissor Sentry Cerberus.jpg
TitleMechanoid Unit Inspector
LocationFactory 501

Scissor Sentry Cerberus is the first boss that is encountered in Factory 501.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Basic Attack[edit | edit source]

Shoots lasers, inflicting damage. Ranged ability. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

Laser Beam[edit | edit source]

Cerberus attacks a fixed position with a laser beam that inflicts increasing damage to the target. Ranged ability. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Energy Discharge[edit | edit source]

Cerberus hits the area around it with a high-energy discharge, inflicting damage to enemies in a 6 yard radius and immobilizing them for 3 seconds. Ranged ability. Cooldown: 25 seconds.

Negative Charge[edit | edit source]

Cerberus applies Negative Charge to a random target that lasts 6 seconds, inflicting damage every second to the target and everyone in a 6 yard radius of them. If the charge hits someone besides the target, its duration is restored to 6 seconds. Ranged ability. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Gallery[edit | edit source]