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The Reapers are sorcerers that lead troops of Carrions and Virds. Their destructive magic kills everything it touches. Their razor-sharp scythes cut through the air with crackles of energy. Ghostly hands reach for their enemies and choke the life out of those they catch.

Sources of Taint - bubbling cauldrons of poison - are another weapon in the Reapers’ arsenal. Poisonous fumes pollute the air, water, and soil. The Reapers use a combination of chemical substances, hypnosis, and magic to control people and turn them into monsters or use them in their horrible rituals.

There is no greater joy for the Reapers than inflicting pain and suffering. The more severe the torture, the better. They do not offer prayers to their terrible god - their victims do it for them. The cries of the unfortunate praise Thanatos. Even a Reaper’s death is not considered worthy if it is quick and quiet.