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Ongs are male Oceanids, the same species as Naiads. Unlike females, Ongs are not anthropomorphic. Their bodies resemble snake fish. They might be misapprehended to be inferior to Naiads, because they have no arms, and their tricuspid jaws are not a perfect speech apparatus. Absence of limbs is fully compensated by their outstanding magical abilities. They do not need weapons to fight. They do not need arms to hold weapons.

There is another important distinctive feature. This race gives immortality only to males. There is no scientific explanation to this fact, but an old legend says that the great god of Oceanids sacrificed his arms for the eternal life. This was the price he paid for immortality for himself and a chance for immortality for his descendants. The queen chose not to do so. She preferred to remain beautiful - and mortal. Since then, Naiads and Ongs do not look the same.