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Necromancer m.pngNecromancer f.png
RoleEnergy Attack
DescriptionSummoner of Death and destruction.
Class Icon

Necromancers are powerful sorcerers and masters of death. Using dreadful spells, they're able to raise horrifying undead creatures and restore their health by syphoning it from their enemies. They can even transform themselves into a powerful Lich, gaining access to new necrotic abilities.
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[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Please note, since this game is still in development, these icons and effects might change at release!

Talents[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Accelerated Decomposition

Accelerated Decomposition Icon.png
Damage from Plague is increased:

• by 65% if the enemy's health is between 80 and 100%;

• by 130% if the enemy's health is between 60 and 80%;

• by 195% if the enemy's health is between 40 and 60%;

• by 260% if the enemy's health is between 20 and 40%;

• by 305% if the enemy's health is lower than 20%.
Ancient Sorcery

Necromancer colored Icon.png
Your enemies will take 21% more damage in PvP for 5 seconds after the Fire Skull attack.

Barrier Icon.png
Shield of the Banished will make you immune to movement restricting effects, fear and stun.
Searing Pain

Searing Pain Icon.png
Ritual Strike inflicts 150% more damage.

Cyclone Icon.png
Pulls the enemies trying to leave the Cursed Land back into the center. For each target, this effect works no more than once every 20/16/12 seconds.
Ghostly Shroud

Ghostly Shroud Icon.png
Possession completely restores health to the summoned allies, as well as removes all control effects when it is first used and every 3 seconds for the next 20 seconds.
Funeral Lament

Funeral Lament Icon.png
Claws of Death increase critical hit chance and bonus to critical damage of Plague by 70%.

Cemetery Icon.png
Grave drags enemies to the Cursed Land if there is any nearby, and recharges 40 seconds faster.
Fast Recovery

Steroids Icon.png
Health regeneration rate is increased by 100% when out of combat, and incoming traumatic damage is reduced by 25%.
Blood Poisoning

Blood Poisoning Icon.png
The damage over time effect of Sickening Nightmare lasts 15 seconds longer, but the healing effect does not change.
Veil of Death

Veil of Death Icon.png
Each Reaper's Sweep attack will increase the protection against damage by 33% for 2 seconds. Can be stacked up to 100%.
Torments of Hell

Torments of Hell Icon.png
Enemies affected by Rift of Horror will take critical damage for the next 5 seconds.
Hungry Skulls

Hungry Skulls Icon.png
Volley of Darkness creates a shield around the Necromancer that absorbs damage equal to 5% of their health for 10 seconds. The effect can be stacked up to three times.
Wall of Flames

Wall of Flames Icon.png
Wall of Souls and Wall of Pain set fire to enemies on impact, inflicting damage every 0.6 seconds for two seconds.
Cursed Viper

Cursed Viper Icon.png
Viper's bite will slow the enemy down by 70%, and if the enemy tries to move, the poison from the bite will inflict 300% more damage.

Killed Vipers have a 75% chance to return to the fight.

Stable Mutation Icon.png
Victims of Ghostly Flow have their current abilities interrupted as they are stunned for 1 second and immobilized. They then slowly begin to recover their movement speed for the next 15 seconds.

Beyond Icon.png
Shadow of the Past can now be used after 5 seconds and by pressing the key again.

Shadow of the Past cooldown is reduced by 55%.
Ritual Fire

Ritual Fire Icon.png
Hellfire inflicts 130% more damage when it is used.

Necromancer Icon 48x48.png
When the Necromancer is in the Lich Stance, the amount of opponents' health stolen is increased by 12%.
Veil of Oblivion

Veil of Oblivion Icon.png
The range of Wall of Souls and Wall of Pain is increased by 15 yards. Removes negative effects from allies (but only once every 10 seconds).

Video[edit | edit source]

There is currently no official gameplay trailer for the Necromancer.

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