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Lightbinder m.pngLightbinder f.png
DescriptionThe Lightbinder is a powerful support class.
Lightbinder Icon 64x64.png
Lightbinder Icon 64x64.png
Female Lightbinder in action
Their doctrine, however rough and primitive it may seem, is based on an undeniable truth: Light in its purest form is the source of life. Because of this, the Lightbinder movement stands out among its peers and its benefits, relying on the tangible laws of the universe, are undisputed.
- Asterius’s Encyclopedia -

The Lightbinder is a powerful support class, they are- surrounded by a unique aura which boosts their own powers and those of their allies; increasing the party’s maximum health. Lightbinders can even transfer part of their own stats to their allies, boosting their Strength, Spirit, Luck and Valor. However, to do so requires their full concentration, so make sure the enemies are distracted during this time.

If the group has a melee fighter, the Lightbinder can surround them with a shield protecting them against powerful attacks. Other shields enable the Lightbinder to absorb damage and provide temporary immunity to control effects. Shields are extremely useful. However, the best defense is always a good offense, and the Lightbinder can certainly hold their own against an enemy!

During an attack, the Power of Light can inflict significant damage to enemies. For their finishing strike, the Lightbinder calls down a Merciful Blow from the heavens, causing the enemy to evaporate in a powerful burst of light.[1]

Light Energy[edit | edit source]

Light Energy is the Ability Resource for Lightbinders.

Skills[edit | edit source]

The Lightbinder and all allies in the front half-sphere receive additional 60% to Armor Penetration. Lasts 10 seconds.
Wanderer's Relic
Places a relic that teleports any ally to you. Max. distance is 50 yards, and the relic is active for 25 seconds. When used again, it will teleport you to the relic.
Sacred Barrier
Creates a shield around the Lightbinder and every ally in a 20 yard radius in front of the Lightbinder. It absorbs incoming damage for 4 seconds and removes all negative effects.
Wrath of the Sun
Knocks nearby enemies back and inflicts 0.32x base damage to them.
Blessing of Tenacity
Removes all negative effects from you and your allies in a 20 yard radius. Grants immunity to negative effects for 4 seconds.
Rise and Shine
Revives the selected target. Once the target is revived, the Lightbinder will have Exhaustion applied to them for 2 minutes. This effect reduces Light Energy regeneration rate by 60%. Ineffective in PvP zones.
Three stars appear above your head or above the selected ally. They protect the target for 15 seconds, stunning the attackers for 2.5 secondsand dealing 0.81x base damage to them.
Creates a Quasar in the selected area. It will explode in 15 seconds or when an enemy approaches it, dealing 0.57x base damage to all enemies in the area of effect and pulling them towards it. The affected enemies will be stunned for 1 second, and their movement speed will be reduced by half for 5 seconds.
Creates a Supernova in the selected area. It will explode in 15 seconds or when an enemy approaches it, inflicting 0.69x base damage to them. It will also set the enemies in the area on fire for 6 seconds, dealing 0.23x base damage every second.
Creates a Pulsar in the selected area. It reduces the movement speed of the nearby enemies by 95% and explodes in 5 seconds, inflicting 0.68x base damage and stunning all enemies in the area of effect for 3 seconds.
Pulsating Flare / Burning Stream
Short stroke: Pulsating Flare. Inflicts 0.24x base damage to the enemy or increases the damage of the next attack of an ally. Press and hold: Burning Stream. Inflicts {3.953069124|dmg} damage to all enemies in the area of effect in 5 seconds.
Pulsating Flare / Flood of Light
Short stroke: Pulsating Flare. Inflicts 0.24x base damage to the enemy or increases the damage of the next attack of an ally. Press and hold:Flood of Light. Increases Might, Strenght,Spirit, Luck and Valor of the selected ally for 8 seconds by 20% of those of the Lightbinder for each stack of the effect, up to 100% at the 5th level of the effect.
Blessing of the Sun
Increases damage dealt by you and your allies in a 20 yard radius 1.5 times. The duration of the effect is 7 seconds.
Inflicts 2.46x base damage to the enemy. Pulsating Flare has a 5% chance to recharge it. Activates Impulse Charge.
Incarnation of Light.png
Incarnation of Light
Wraps you in an aura that changes your abilities. Allies in the aura have increased damage, and reduced damage taken. If you or an ally dies in the area of effect they will be revived with 40% health. You can deactivate the skill early for a powerful explosion, this will also shield all allies in the radius. While in this form your left click is single target and your right click is AoE.
- This is just a small list of Lightbinder abilities, icons and descriptions may still change! -

Talents[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Sparks Power

Sparks Power Icon.png
Sparks of Anger inflict 2 times more damage to targets with less than 50% health.

Summit Icon.png
Particle of Light consumes 135 less points of Light Energy.
Bright Flares

Bright Flares Icon.png
Pulsating Flare used against an enemy has a 10% chance to restore an Impulse Charge. When used on a friendly target, it restores 10 points of Light Energy.
Solar Breeze

Solar Breeze Icon.png
Light Energy regeneration rate is increased by 25 in combat and by 100 out of combat.
Power of the Sun

Power of the Sun Icon.png
Wrath of the Sun consumes 300 less points of Light Energy. Knockback distance is increased by 5 yards.
Guardian's Gift

Guardian's Gift Icon.png
#Sacred Barrier cooldown is reduced by 120 seconds. Invulnerability duration is increased by 2 seconds.

Piety Icon.png
Radiance increases your movement speed by 30% for 7 seconds.

Starpower Icon.png
Starfury cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds. Stun duration is increased by 2 seconds. All targets affected by stun receive 20% more damage.

Serenity Icon.png
Starfury protects the target with a shield for 4 seconds. The durability of the shield equals 15% of the Lightbinder's health.
Rain of Fire

Rain of Fire Icon.png
Unstable Shield has no cooldown but requires shield charges. Maximum number of charges is 2, and one charge is restored every 12 seconds. The charges are displayed above the Health bar as an effect.
Focused Light

Focused Light Icon.png
All targets in the area of effect of Golden Sphere have their movement speed reduced by 50%. Golden Sphere's cost is reduced by 200 Light Energy.
Strength of Spirit

Strength of Spirit Icon.png
Blessing of Tenacity cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds, and its Light Energy cost is reduced by 200.
Spirit of Light

Spirit of Light Icon.png
When a Lightbinder dies, they turn into the Spirit of Light with 40% health and can continue to fight for 15 seconds. If the spirit survives 15 seconds, the Lightbinder is resurrected. The effect can be activated no more than once every 8 minutes. Spirit of Light is immune to Incarnation of Light.
Captivating Light

Captivating Light Icon.png
All allies affected by Blessing of Tenacity gain a shield that partially absorbs incoming damage for 4 seconds. When activated, the shield absorbs 70% of damage. The efficiency is gradually reduced to 25%.
Guiding Star

Guiding Star Icon.png
Places the Guiding Star effect on Lightbinder every 10 seconds. It removes the cooldown of Wanderer's Relic used by an ally. The effect stacks up to 3 times. The ally that used the relic has their movement speed increased by 30% for 10 seconds.
Distorting Field

Distorting Field Icon.png
Unstable Shield reduces the duration of control effects by 40% and provides immunity to movement restricting effects.

Deflection Icon.png
Burning Stream and Starstorm inflict 30% more damage.
Quasar Stabilization

Quasar Stabilization Icon.png
The Light Energy cost of Quasar, Pulsar and Supernova is reduced by 250 points. The cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.
Shining Fragments

Shining Fragments Icon.png
Unstable Shield explosion inflicts 100% more damage.
Mystery of Rebirth

Mystery of Rebirth Icon.png
Rise and Shine activation time is reduced by 5 seconds. Your ally will be resurrected with 60% of their health. Exhaustion duration is reduced by 60 seconds, and the effect is removed when the combat ends.

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References[edit | edit source]

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