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RoleCaster Damage
Kinetic Icon 64x64.png

The Kinetic is one of the more advanced classes of the game, coming with powers, which can manipulate and control even gravitation.

Kinetic Energy[edit | edit source]

Kinetic Energy is the Ability Resource for Kinetics.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Gravity Trap
The enemy is hanging in midair for 5 seconds. All the Kinetic's attacks inflict critical damage. If the monster cannot be lifted in the air, its damage to the Kinetic is reduced by 50% for 10 seconds.
Loudmouth Icon.png
Inflicts 4.00x base damage to the enemy. Lifts enemies in a 5 yard radius up in the air for 3 seconds and then smashes them against the ground. If the monster cannot be lifted in the air, its damage to the Kinetic will be reduced by 50% for 6 seconds.
Principle of Inertia Icon.png
Chain Gravitation
An energy charge strikes the target enemy, dealing 1.47x base damage, then bounces to another enemy in a 5 yard radius if there is any (up to 7 bounces). Activates Impulse Charge.
Quantum Collapse Icon.png
Uses all accumulated energy to inflict up to 4.93y base damage to the target and all enemies in a 8 yard radius of it. Activates Impulse Charge.
Protective Shield
Creates a field that absorbs 75% of incoming damage and protects from finishing strikes. The borders of Protective Shield have two energy centers. Destorying them will disable the field.
Abrasive Icon.png
Stone Wall
Creates a shield that completely absorbs all incoming damage and makes you immune to finishing blows. The energy cost increases by 16% every second for as long as Stone Wall is active.
Centrifuge Icon.png
Neutron Blast
An explosion will occur in the selected area in 2 seconds, dealing 1.68x base damage. After 4 seconds of charging, Neutron Blast will inflict damage and stun the enemy who activated it for 4 seconds (the same enemy can be stunned no more than once every 24 seconds).
Centrifuge Icon.png
Quantum Collapse
After 2 seconds, an explosion occurs in the target area, dealing 2.10x base damage.
Bouncer Icon.png
Replaces Stone Projectile. Kinetic engages in close combat, inflicting 1.73x base damage to the enemy (can make up to 4 attacks for the duration of the effect). Damage received by the Kinetic is reduced by 25% while the ability is active.
Railotron Icon.png
Stone Spear
Every other fully charged Stone Projectile deals 2.58x base damage.
Energy Overflow Icon.png
The energy cluster fired by a fully-charged Kinetic Pulse can be detonated to inflict 5.70x base damage to the selected enemy.
Please note, since this game is still in development, these icons and effects might change at release!

Talents[edit | edit source]

Name Description

Kinetic colored Icon.png
Increases damage dealt by 35% for 6 secconds after inflicting impulse damage.
Planar Shift

Kinetic colored Icon.png
If the Kinetic is affected by control abilities three times (with no more than 10 seconds in between), they become invulnerable to similar effects for 10 seconds.
Energy Overflow

Energy Overflow Icon.png
Demolition inflicts additional impulse damage but does not activate Impulse Charge.

The cooldown of the ability is increased by 70%.

Isolation Icon.png
Protective Shield costs 80% less Kinetic Energy to activate.

Steamroller Icon.png
Luminous Burst recharges 30% faster and knocks enemies down for 1 second on impact.

Centrifuge Icon.png
Quantum Collapse and Neutron Blast recharge 20% faster and deal 22% more damage.
Increased Gravity

Increased Gravity Icon.png
Enemies in the Gravitation Anomaly area inflict 24% less damage in PvP. This effect can be removed by leaving the area or using a purification ability.
Sliding Vector

Increased Gravity Icon.png
In the [[#Gravitation Anomaly|Gravitation Anomaly] area, the Kinetic and his allies can use Dash for free.
Principle of Inertia

Principle of Inertia Icon.png
Chain Gravitation spreads to 8 other targets (can hit the same target twice if there are fewer than 8 targets).

Rockfall has a 40% chance to not consume 300 points of Kinetic Energy.
Painful Charge

Painful Charge Icon.png
Damage from Kinetic Pulse is increased by 155% and up to 0.19x base damage.

Bouncer Icon.png
For the duration of Sledgehammer, the Kinetic can inflict six more strikes. Each attack inflicts 30% more damage.
Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect Icon.png
Fully charged Energy Wave bounces off the enemies struck by it and inflicts additional 0.22x base damage in a 6 yard radius of each affected enemy.
Zero Gravity

Ripple Effect Icon.png
Energy Wave no longer knocks enemies back but lifts them in the air and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.
Quantum Collapse

Quantum Collapse Icon.png
Using Rockfall or Chain Gravitation deals fatal damage to enemies with low enough health for Annihilation to become available.
Critical Mass

Quantum Collapse Icon.png
For 8 seconds, Chain Gravitation and Rockfall are 12% more likely to inflict critical damage in PvP.

Loudmouth Icon.png
The control effect from Tramping lasts 1.15 seconds longer.

Abrasive Icon.png
Stonewall consumes 50% less Kinetic Energy.

Railotron Icon.png
Fully charged Stone Spear applies an effect to the enemy that inflicts 0.30x base damage every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds.

Overload Icon.png
Increases damage in PvP.

Attacks under the effect of Sledgehammer apply an effect to the enemy players that increase the damage taken by them by 27% for 10 seconds.

Demolition and Stone Spear apply an effect to enemy players that increase the damage taken by them by 9% for 10 seconds.
Protective Circuit

Isolation Icon.png
Protective Shield protects against finishing strikes, as well as reduces damage to the Kinetic by 75% and consumes the next two portions of damage directed at allies (while also protecting them against finishing strikes).

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