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Khlok Violent Storm

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Khlok Violent Storm
Ardos Monastery Khlok Violent Storm.jpg
TitleHigh Shaman
LocationArdos Monastery

Khlok Violent Storm is the second boss encountered in Ardos Monastery

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Basic Attack[edit | edit source]

Strikes with its paws and inflicts damage. Melee ability. Cooldown: 2 sec.

Bodyguards[edit | edit source]

Khlok is guarded by several regular Khelps. Melee ability. Cooldown: none.

Water Vortexes[edit | edit source]

Khlok is able to launch dangerous water vortexes at the enemy that chase them for 10 seconds and inflict increased damage. Ranged ability. Cooldown: 28 seconds.

Ultrasound[edit | edit source]

Khlok inflicts a powerful ultrasound strike that disorients the opponents in a 15 yard radius for 5 seconds. Melee ability. Cooldown: 18 seconds.

Gallery[edit | edit source]