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Khelps were the first among Oceanids to be fought by people of Aelion. This encounter led to a bloody war that has not yet ended.

Oceanids arrived to Aelion in search for a good planet to live on. This world seemed to be perfect, with a pretty warm climate, plenty of ether in the free form and an impressively big Diomane ocean. The newcomers had no idea that this world was inhabited. Underwater creatures, they were certain that no sentinel life on land was possible. So they disembarked into the ocean and proceeded to build the first colony.

After a while, Khelp scouts came ashore. Khelps have to exit ocean sometimes, because they are amphibians. These scouts were spotted by an Aelion patrol. Aelion has suffered invasions for a good many years, so people attacked creatures leaving the water on sight. They did what they had to do, not knowing that the war has begun. Water was red with the enemies' blood. A few days later the revenge was taken: Oceanids attacked one of Naori resorts. Officially, this very massacre is considered to become the beginning of war. But in fact, it had been started by soldiers of Aelion.