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Army: Army of Elements
Family: Warden of Fire
Quality: Champion
Species: Warden of Fire: Boss

Is a Great Warden of Fire, who can be found as a boss at the Cronnel Platforms.

Description[edit | edit source]

Flaming Mines
Shoots a series of small fire embers at the enemy that deal damage over time and explode after a few seconds dealing substantial AoE damage. Make sure that you get away from them as soon as you see them flying towards you and before they hit the ground.
Flies up to the enemy, hides in the ground and then bursts out of it with explosion, inflicting substantial damage in the area of effect. Everyone, including the tank, should back off until he explodes.
Summoned Sparks
Summons a minor Warden of Fire that will attack a target and eventually do demolition. The damage and AoE are less significant but you should still try to kite this guy and avoid the AoE damage at all costs.

There are three altars that you must touch beore fighting Ignis. Have your tank or main aggro/dps/kiter click all three. Although having two of the three water buffs is doable as well and have the second player with most aggro have at least 1 water buff.