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The Divine Form is an endgame feature of unimaginable power, that no regular mortal or immortal could survive against. Once the player has accumulated enough Faith after unlocking the God's Form Node, they can change into this form and bring massive abilities and damage in to the fight. While the Divine Form may only last up to 15 minutes and can significantly tip the scales in a battle of any nature. But do not expect to be the only player to go into Divine Form; and if another player does, expect a fight for the ages.
Skyforge gods concept 0.jpg

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Faith[edit | edit source]

Faith is a currency like resource for the Gods. The maximum that can be accumulated at a time is 1000.

Specializations[edit | edit source]

  • God of Wandering - For players whom prefer to solo Adventures or Regions. Gives bonuses for Solo PvE and it also makes soloing Group Adventures possible.
  • God of Hunt - For players whom prefer to solo battles against Bosses or Immortals. Increases the power of Trophies and damage to other players.
  • God of War - For players whom prefer PvP battles. Grants players multiple buffs for PvP battles.
  • God of Defense - For players whom prefer to fight against invading armies in PvE. Helps increase the player's Survivability when fighting groups of PvE enemies.
  • God of Knowledge - For players whom prefer to create new equipment. Grants players the ability to create new Equipment.
  • God of Authority - For players whom feel at home when managing their Order. It allows the player to make their Order stronger, and gives them more ways to earn Faith.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Divine Combat Abilities[edit | edit source]

These abilities are able to be used outside of Divine Form and consume Faith. To access these abilities the player must press the Alt key.

Name Cooldown Faith Cost Default Command Description
Divine Healing

Mystery of Rebirth Icon.png
4:00 2 1 Restores your character's health.

Distorting Field Icon.png
5:00 2 2 Removes all crowd control effects and renders you immune to them for a few seconds.
Divine Form

Divine Form Icon.png
70 R Activates the Divine Form for as long as you have Faith.

Divine Abilities[edit | edit source]

SBS = Seconds Before Switch
SAS = Seconds After Switch

Name Cooldown Default Command Description
Divine Tank

Unknown Divine 1 Icon.png
40 SAS
1 Allows switching to a Tank Class while in the Divine Form.
Divine Shooter

Unknown Divine 2 Icon.png
40 SAS
2 Allows switching to a Shooter Class while in the Divine Form.
Divine Mage

Unknown Divine 3 Icon.png
40 SAS
3 Allows switching to a Mage Class while in the Divine Form.
Divine Support

Unknown Divine 4 Icon.png
40 SAS
4 Allows switching to a Support Class while in the Divine Form.
Divine Fighter

Unknown Divine 5 Icon.png
40 SAS
Z Allows switching to a Fighter Class while in the Divine Form.

Divine Ultimate Abilities[edit | edit source]

Name Cooldown Default Command Description
God's Presence

Divine Presence Icon.png
6:00 R Altering the laws of the universe and warping space itself, the god creates a black hole above themselves, pulling in nearby enemies. Over time the hole grows larger, pulling more and more helpless targets in until eventually it explodes, hurtling them in all directions.

Earned by mastering a Tank Class.
God's Authority

Divine Authority Icon.png
6:00 R The god summons a fast growing vortex filled with bolts of lightning which strike at groups of enemies. After a few seconds, enemies find themselves at the center of this storm, where they take incredible amounts of damage.

Earned by mastering a Damage/Caster Class.
God's Army

Divine Army Icon.png
6:00 R The god becomes invulnerable and deals increased damage for a period of time. This effect also spreads to nearby allies.

Earned by mastering a Support Class.
God's Fury

Divine Wrath Icon.png
6:00 R The god launches a lightning into the sky, and a few moments later it strikes all nearby enemies, inflicting massive damage. When the effect ends, at the point where the lightning hit the ground an explosion occurs, producing damaging shock waves.

Earned by mastering a Damage/Range Class.
God's Might

Divine Might Icon.png
0:02 R The god envelopes themselves in a deadly wall of flames before setting everything in its path ablaze.

Earned by mastering a Damage/Melee Class.