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Consumables are equippable Items which can be used in combat. To use them you have to place them into a slot of your Quick Access Panel.
Once activated the item will go on a Cooldown, several items will also go on a cooldown for your Allies. They recharge instantly when you and your allies get out of combat.

New players get 20 Regeneration Substrates as Log-In Reward on Day 4 and 20 Temporal Compensators as Log-In Reward on Day 5.
You can buy all consumables in the Consumables Tab and Rare Items Tab of the Market.

Item Cooldown for Description
You Allies
Regeneration Substrate Icon.png
Regeneration Substrate 02:00 --- Restores 35% of health.
Beyond Icon.png
Temporal Compensator 05:00 03:00 Revives the ally and restores 10% of their health.
Experimental Fuel Icon.png
Elemental Cocktail 05:00 03:00 Throws a grenade at the selected spot that inflicts 4 damage to all enemies nearby and ignites the ground, inflicting damage to the enemies in the area of effect every second.
Lasts 8 seconds.
Field Generator Icon.png
Field Generator 05:00 03:00 Sets a device on the ground.
All allies in a 9 yard radius of it block 25% of incoming damage and become immune to control effects.
Lasts 15 seconds.
Gamma Stabilizer Icon.png
Gamma Stabilizer 02:00 --- Absorbs incoming damage for 12 seconds.
Moving will break the effect.
Gravity Trap Icon.png
Gravity Trap 05:00 05:00 Sets a device on the ground which reduces the movement speed of all enemies in a 8 yard radius by 75% and makes them unable to use Dash.
Lasts 20 seconds.
Jar of Acid Icon.png
Jar of Acid 02:00 --- Inflicts damage to the target and applies an effect that inflicts damage every second for 7 seconds.
Mass Accelerator Icon.png
Mass Accelerator 05:00 03:00 The character and all allies in a 40 yard radius receive the Acceleration effect that increases their movement speed by 40% and makes them immune to slowing and movement restricting effects.
Lasts 7 seconds.
Mobility Modulator Icon.png
Mobility Modulator 02:00 --- Completely restores Dash and makes the charges free.
Lasts 7 seconds.
Paralyzing Dart Icon.png
Paralyzing Dart 02:00 --- Stuns the enemy for 5 seconds.