Chichir Haulstomp

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Chichir Haulstomp
Darnic Village Chichir Haulstomp.jpg
TitleHarbinger of Doom
LocationDarnic Village
CategoryReapers of Death

Chichir Haulstomp is the final boss that is encountered in the Darnic Village adventure.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Chichir's Strike[edit | edit source]

Inflicts damage with sickle strikes. Melee ability. Cooldown: 1.5 seconds.

Chichir's Might[edit | edit source]

Chichir starts stamping with its paw, creating fiery ruptures in the ground. The ruptures spread 12 yards in four directions and toss all enemies around Chichir high in the air, inflicting damage in the process. Melee ability. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Chichir's Rage[edit | edit source]

Chichir falls into a rage and starts chasing one of the enemies, throwing multiple mighty strikes within a 6 yard radius in front of itself. Melee ability. Cooldown: 24 seconds.

Chichir's Servants[edit | edit source]

Chichir is surrounded by a group of Virds. They become terrified at the start of the battle, but regain their composure in 60 seconds. The Virds can control their panic if they sustain damage or get close to Chichir's enemies. Cooldown: none.