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Skyforge allows the use of many chat macros to use features easier as well as emotes. To use one of the macros you must hit Enter in the chat and type the forward slash "/" followed by the macro. Ex: "/help"

Functions[edit | edit source]

  • Help /help - Shows full list of macros.
  • Information /info - Show player’s class and Prestige.
  • Change Class /class - Change class to one of the available classes.
  • Ability Set /preset - Select an ability set.
  • Mute /mute - Mute the room.
  • Unmute /unmute - Unmute the room.
  • Ignore /ignore - Add to ignore list
  • Unignore /unignore - Remove from ignore list

Chat Channel[edit | edit source]

  • Area /c /l /zone - Send a message to everyone in the Region.
  • Conversation /say /s - Send a message to everyone in the vicinity.
  • Group /party /p - Message to the group.
  • Pantheon /guild /pantheon /g - Send a message to Pantheon. Note, currently sends messages in the Announcements channel.
  • Reply /reply /r - Reply to the last private message.
  • Whisper /whisper /w /t - Send a private message to another player.

Group[edit | edit source]

  • Invite to group /invite - Invite the character to the group.
  • Sync /sync - Vote on group synchronization.
  • Readiness /ready - Readiness check.
  • Kick /kick - Kick the character from the group.
  • Form a team /battleTeam - Send invitations to all members of your team.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

  • Emote /emote - Allows you to use emotes via their interface names. Ex: "/Emote Assent"
  • AFK /afk /awayFromKeyboard
  • Agreement /agree /agreement /yes
  • Applaud /applaud
  • Apologize /apologize
  • Beckon /beckon
  • Bend the knee /kneel
  • Beg /beg
  • Boredom /bored
  • Call to attack /attack
  • Cheer /cheer
  • Congratulate /congratulate
  • Conversation /talk
  • Cry /cry
  • Dance /dance
  • Deny /disagree /no
  • Disappointment /disappointment
  • Facepalm /facepalm
  • Farewell /goodbye
  • Flirt /flirt
  • Greeting /greet /greetings
  • Inspiration /inspiration
  • Introduction /introduce
  • Joy /happy
  • Kiss /kiss
  • Laugh loudly /nicker
  • Laughter /lol /laughter /laugh
  • Meditate /meditation
  • Panic /panic
  • Rage /angry
  • Sexy /sexy
  • Show off muscles /muscle
  • Shrug /shrug
  • Shyness /shy
  • Sleep /sleep
  • Taunt /tease
  • Thank you /thank /thanks
  • Victory /victory
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