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Despite failing to carry out the great ritual, Thanatos did not abandon his attempt to capture Aelion. On the contrary, he is pressing onward with even more zeal. Thanatos knew that Aelion had lost its great god, which had made things simpler for him. The only obstacle in his way was a handful of Aeli’s trusted allies and a numerous army of mortals.

Using the divide and conquer approach, Thanatos started looking for ways to make the Aelion people fight among themselves. His minions were working on means of mass control, and Thanatos himself was developing a technology that would turn the Aelion residents into reapers, which was possible due to genetic similarities between the two races. That was how he intended to solve the problem of refilling the ranks of his army during the invasion campaign.

Most of the experiments ended in failure: the test subjects either died or turned into monsters. However, Thanatos did not seem them as failure. Strong and aggressive creatures turned out to be very effective in combat. One such monster was worth several Virds. After some testing, the Carrions went from a by-product to the warriors of Thanatos’s army and were put into mass production.