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The Ascension Atlas is the core element in Skyforge to form the player's character via increasing their Stats and unlocking new Abilities, Talents, Symbols and Classes. To progress further into The Ascension Atlas you have to unlock Nodes by using certain Sparks. There are three different Levels of The Ascension Atlas available to explore: 13 Class Atlases, 1 Character Atlas and 1 Divine Atlas.
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Nodes and Sparks[edit | edit source]

Most Nodes require Sparks to unlock. The exceptions are Knight Icon 64x64.png Path Nodes and Node Slot Coph.png Ether Slot Nodes which can be unlocked for free. Unlocking any Nodes with Sparks gives Prestige.

Spark of Insight.png Sparks of Insight
Spark of Destruction.png Sparks of Destruction Unlock Node Destruction.png Destruction Nodes that may increase Might and Proficiency or grant new Abilities.
Spark of Creation.png Sparks of Creation Unlock Node Creation.png Creation Nodes that increase Stamina and Proficiency.
Spark of Balance.png Sparks of Balance Unlock Node BalanceSt.png Balance Nodes that may increase Strength, Valor, Luck, Spirit, or Greatness and may earn Symbols and Talents.
Knight Icon 64x64.png Class Sparks Unlock Node EvolutionV.png Evolution Nodes that replace Insight Nodes after the Path Nodes in Class Atlases.
Spark of Evolution.png Sparks of Evolution Unlock any Nodes in the Class Atlas if the player does not have enough of the correct sparks.
Spark of Transformation.png Sparks of Transformation Unlock Knight Icon 64x64.png Transformation Nodes to gain new Classes or reset your Symbols, Abilities, and Talents.
Spark of Revelation.png Sparks of Revelation Unlock Node Revelation.png Revelation Nodes that may increase Might, Stamina, Strength, Valor, Luck, or Spirit.

Levels[edit | edit source]

Class Atlases
Unlock the corresponding Class to gain access.

Increase your Main Stats
Increase your Proficiency
Increase your Prestige
Unlock Abilities
Unlock Talents

Character Atlas
Unlock your first Path Node to gain access.

Increase your Main Stats
Increase your Proficiency
Increase your Greatness
Increase your Prestige
Unlock Symbols
Unlock Classes

Divine Atlas
Unlock the God's Form Node in the Character Atlas.

Increase your Main Stats
Increase your Proficiency
Increase your Prestige

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